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50 Years on the Wye by Robert PashleyThis letter is from Robert Pashley, arguably the greatest ever Wye angler known as 'The Wye Wizard' Details

53rd National Angling Championship booklet - 1968This is the booklet that was produced for the annnual angling championships. This one, in 1968 was held on the Norfolk rivers. Details

Arthur Ransome letter 1958 21st MayA letter to Peter David who took the photographs in the book to verify the proof of "Mainly About Fishing" Details

Arthur Ransome letter 1958 29th MayRansome confirms the photographic corrections will be made to Peter David Details

Arthur Ransome letter 1960 12th OctoberRansome congratulates Peter David on joining the fishing club on the Meon Details

Ballan Wrasse record certificateThis certificate is for the 8 lb 13 oz 2dr Ballan Wrasse caught by Simon Gavey off Jersey Details

Barrie Rickards - Service of Thanksgiving, November 2009 Details

BB Letter to Mr BeaverstockThis letter is to a Mr Beaverstock who purchased BB's gun "Belching Bess" in 1952 Details

Bernard Venables letter 1988 14th MarchBernard Venables writes to Bob Buteux Details

Bernard Venables letter 1999 6th SeptemberBernard Venables deplores the loss of tench ponds. Details

C F Walker's letter to Frank SawyerC F Walker writes to Frank Sawyer, two giants of the fly fishing world Details

Cholmondeley-Pennell letter dated 1886This letter dated 1886 is written by the author and fishery scientist Cholmondeley-Pennell and W J Cummins Details

Chris Yates hand drawn map of RedmireThis hand drawn map of the legendary pool 'Redmire' named by BB, was drawn by the former carp record holder Chris Yates. Details

Chris Yates interview notes from Rod Hutchinson discussion

These are the notes (and translation!) that Chris Yates used when discussing his time fishing Redmire with Rod Hutchinson:-

Here is the translation of what was a cue card, can you believe, for some talk I once did:-

Rod and me in mid Aug. '73. Overcast settled almost 7 days. 2 carp within half an hour (both) 20 lb 2 oz commons.

Rod thought the week disappointing. I thought it amazing - ( the) Difference between us.

Fence - 2 20s. Corner of dam - Rod (where he was fishing and what he caught in the 1st week of the 73 season)

Bowskills - 25 and 29 mirrors 2 12 lb Quinlans 21 common, 17, 15 and 10 (what I caught that week and from where) June 16th. Summer 73

Missed his (Rod's) 1st 30 - shallows.

There was a platform at Red(mire) Necessity, I suppose on busy waters. Pale (Park) has none. Massive handicap.

Chimera - something hoped for - illusory.

Jack H. Quest - his encounter so similar to mine. 1 20 in a season, late 60's

Welsh Monster pool.

Words in brackets are just 'explainers' but they still make this read like the incoherent ramblings of a madman - and yet they were the basic mix of what turned out to be a reasonably lucid and seemingly well-appreciated talk.


David Carl Forbes Letters Details

Dermot Wilson letter - 1988 22nd November - General comments to Graham Details

Donations to Wye Preservation Society 1864This is a copy of the list of donors to the Wye Preservation Society dated 24th November 1864 just after it was founded to care for the river. Details

Draft Proposal for Establishing the Wye Fishery District River Board in 1907This is the draft proposal for establishing the River Board on the River Wye Details

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