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Another mako shark
Whilst in Looe, another picture of a mako shark was seen in The Salutation public ouse who kindly allowed us to photograph it and add it to the mako shark slideshow already in the archive.
Posted: 28/10/2018
Mako Sharks
Following the work we have been doing with the Shark Angling Club of GB and time spent on the south coast, we have been allowed to add these pictures of mako shark captures from around the 1960's era.  Sadly, they are of dead fish and we are delighted that informed conservation has driven change and that shark numbers in their home port of Looe has shown a marked increase in the last decade, encouraged by the club just needing the fish length to become a member rather than dragging the body into the harbour to be weighed so the fish can be safely returned after measuring. Also the practice of commercial boats just jcutting the fins from the fish for shark fin soup and slinging the body over the side has also died out in this area.

We hope you can enjoy the pictures as a piece of angling history, spectacular fish caught in another era.
Posted: 16/10/2018
New slideshows
Sice Keith, our archivist stayed at Hugh Falkus' cottage in the Lake District whilst trout fishing, we have been able to add two more photographic slide shows.

The first is of Cragg Cottage where he used to live
The second is a series of pictures of his study where he penned the classic sea trout works.

We have also been able to add a slideshow of the old shark angling captains from c1960's who fished from Looe.
Posted: 10/10/2018
Barbel catches and steel rods
Mick Glover donated a letter by Ray Mumford, the superb match angler in the tie,  about his excellent barbel catches on the Royalty and how he planned it for the best phases of the moon and tides, plus how he and his team like steel rods which he says were the best of the era.
Fascinating to read
Posted: 27/08/2018