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Fred G Shaw letter and flies for CanadaFred G Shaw wrote a letter to a Mr. Charrington following a fly fishing lesson, and included the flies he may use in Canada, in a japanned fly box. Details

Fred J Taylor - Service of Thanksgiving, May 2008  Details

Fred J Taylor LettersListed withing this item are a large selection of letters Fred J wrote on a variety of subjects. Details

Fred J Taylor's Master Angler letter and certificate from Manitoba, CanadaFred J Taylor achieved legendary status as the first angler not domiciled in North America to achieve this accreditation. Details

GEM Skues letter of 1923 to A&C Black regarding J W Dunne's bookThis letter relates to Dunne's book "Sunshine and the Dry Fly" which Skues recommends to A&C Black Details

Gerry Savage's map of Billing AquadromeThis is the plan that Gerry Savage made of Billing to aid his quest for the biggest carp. Details

Gerry Savage's map of Cray LakesThis is the detailed plan that Gerry Savage drew up of Cray Lakes to aid his quest for the best carp. Details

Greater amberjack - British record certificateThis is the certificate issued to Neil McDonnell for his capture of the British record Greater Amberjack off Lundy Island of 1 lb 7 oz 1dr Details

How to minimise kinking on a Malloch reel by Robert PashleyIt is amazing the lengths that some anglers would go to in preventing twisting in the line when using a Malloch sidecasting reel.  This comes from 'The Wye Wizard' Robert Pashley Details

J Arthur Hutton's fishing diary 1880-1909 slideshowAngling Heritage have a scan of all 102 pages of his fishing diary in the archive for reference. This is the period before he published his fishing diary of Hampton Bishop on the Wye. These are some selected pages. Details

J W Dunne letter to McCaskie January 31st 1923This letter between the authors concerns Taverner's tying of flies. Details

J W Dunne letter to McCaskie June 15th 1923This letter between the two authors concerns some of the intricacies of fly tying Details

J W Martin, 'The Trent Otter' letterJ W Martin seems to pine for the Ouse following his move south. Details

Letter from GEM Skues to Frank SawyerThis handwritten letter from GEM Skues comiserates with Frank Sawyer following an eye injury. Details

London Specimen Hunters Club - minutes of the first meetingThese are the first set of minutes of the London Specimen Hunters Group Details

LRN (Lemon Grey) Gray Letters Details

Miss Ballantine and her Record SalmonThis picture of the record salmon is accompanied by a 4 page copy of Miss Ballantine's account of the capture in her own hand. Details

National Federation of Anglers 69th Annual Meeting 1974 - MinutesThese are the full minutes from the Annual Conference of the National Federation of Anglers held on 10th and 11th May 1974 in the Assembly Rooms in Bath (this big document takes a while to load) Details

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