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Chris Yates interview notes from Rod Hutchinson discussion

These are the notes (and translation!) that Chris Yates used when discussing his time fishing Redmire with Rod Hutchinson:-

Here is the translation of what was a cue card, can you believe, for some talk I once did:-

Rod and me in mid Aug. '73. Overcast settled almost 7 days. 2 carp within half an hour (both) 20 lb 2 oz commons.

Rod thought the week disappointing. I thought it amazing - ( the) Difference between us.

Fence - 2 20s. Corner of dam - Rod (where he was fishing and what he caught in the 1st week of the 73 season)

Bowskills - 25 and 29 mirrors 2 12 lb Quinlans 21 common, 17, 15 and 10 (what I caught that week and from where) June 16th. Summer 73

Missed his (Rod's) 1st 30 - shallows.

There was a platform at Red(mire) Necessity, I suppose on busy waters. Pale (Park) has none. Massive handicap.

Chimera - something hoped for - illusory.

Jack H. Quest - his encounter so similar to mine. 1 20 in a season, late 60's

Welsh Monster pool.

Words in brackets are just 'explainers' but they still make this read like the incoherent ramblings of a madman - and yet they were the basic mix of what turned out to be a reasonably lucid and seemingly well-appreciated talk.

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