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    Fred J Taylor's Master Angler medals from Manitoba, Canada Details

    Fred J Taylor's MBE ceremony in Aylesbury slideshowFred J taylor chose to have his MBE ceremony in Aylesbury where more friends could attend. There is also a copy of his citation. Details

    Fred J Taylor's MBE is announced at Angling Projects - slideshowFred J Taylor was at Angling Projects at the end of December when his MBE was announced and he could share it with friends. Details

    Fred J Taylor's Miscellaneous photograph slideshowThese pictures include vintage ones with Fred Buller, his 28lb Tring pike, his 80th birthday celebration and holiday, recording Recollections for Angling Heritage, ferrets etc. Details

    Gerry Savage - The Cornish Years 1989-90 slideshowGerry Savage moved to Cornwall and opened a fishery but still carp fished with Chris Bannister Details

    Gerry Savage - The radio show slideshow

    In the course of making his pioneering radio show, Gerry met various stars :-

    Dick Walker, Pete Thomas, Charlie Drake, Vince Hill, Roger Daltrey, Eric Morecambe etc etc


    Gerry Savage and his daughter Tracey Details

    Gerry Savage and Jeremy c1977 Details

    Gerry Savage in 1961 - Good rudd and perch Details

    Gerry Savage in 1961 - Rudd from Sutton Details

    Gerry Savage playing a fish Details

    Gerry Savage with a good carp at dusk Details

    Gerry Savage with a nice fish on a hot day Details

    Gerry Savage's 1961 fishing photograph slideshowThese photographs are of the angling journalist Gerry Savage, and some of his fishing archive from 1961 Details

    Gerry Savage's 1964/65 carp fishing slideshowThis slideshow of Gerry Savage's carp fishing season catching large carp from Kent waters Details

    Gerry Savage's carp picture slideshowThese pictures from the Gerry Savage archive are of an assortment of carp pictures. Details

    Gerry Savage's miscellaneous fish slideshowThis slideshow is of the other fish Gerry Savage used to catch besides his carp. Details

    Gerry Savage's winter carp experiment 1967/68 slideshow1967/68 was the year when Gerry Savage and Fred Wilton experimented with winter carp fishing with Fred's special baits. Details

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