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    392lb Sturgeon Caught in Salmon Nets at Bigsweir on the Wye in 1899.jpeg Details

    51lbs and 43lbs River Wye Salmon Details

    A 35 lb Wye Salmon Taken in 1941 Details

    A wartime Fred J Taylor with his guitar Details

    Arthur Ransome with a friend Details

    Barrie Rickards and Des Taylor record Recollections II slideshowBarrie Rickards and Des Taylor record Recollections II about their lives which was subsequently made into a book to raise funds for Angling Heritage. July 2009 Details

    Barrie Rickards cradles a good pike Details

    Barrie Rickards miscellaneous picture slideshowThis slideshow goes from Barrie as a lad leading his school running team through pike fishing and becoming a Professor and Proctor at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Details

    Barrie Rickards' Nile Perch fishing slideshowThis slideshow is a selection of photographs of Barrie's trip to Lake Nassau after Nile Perch, about which he co-authored a book. Details

    Barrie Rickards on the Amazon slideshowThis slideshow is of Barrie's trip up the Amazon with Jeremy Wade Details

    Barrie Rickards with his Morris Minor Van Details

    Barrie Welham SlideshowThese photographs are of champion tournament caster and record setter Barrie Welham who was also Managing Director of Garcia Mitchell (UK) and later ambassador of Orvis.  You can also hear an interview with Barrie on this website Details

    BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford) at Home August 1987 Details

    BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford) Designing a Bookplate for Bob Buteux in 1990 Details

    BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford) Fishing Details

    BB's Last Finished Painting Details

    BB's Last Painting (Unfinished) Details

    Bernard Venables and the Angling Times team Details

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