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Angling Heritage at Torrington Museum - 04/01/13

Those of you who follow the development of the Trust will remember that a couple of years ago, Angling Heritage was granted space in Torrington Museum, only for it to have to close abruptly due to dry rot.

The following period has been traumatic after several potential homes appeared, only for hopes to be dashed by surveys, funding etc.

Finally, a new home has been found right in the middle of Torrington, and contracts were signed at the end of last year.

The museum has acquired the blue and white shop to the right of the passageway which goes a long way back and up three floors.  But even better than this, the old library over the passageway with a lift has also been acquired making a large workable space and overcoming disabled access problems.

Work is needed to bring everything up to the required condition for opening which may well take a few months but we are buoyed by the positive progress at last.

We will keep you posted on the progress as it is made.