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Fishing in Littlehampton with Neil FrenchNeil French talks to Graeme Pullen about the sport that Littlehampton offers and his time as a charter boat skipper. (2011) Details

Fishing in the SolentGraeme Pullen goes fishing with Wayne Comben in the Solent, and discusses his life and times and the Solent fishing. (2010) Details

Fishing Off the Skeleton Coast in Namibia with Dave LewisDave Lewis talks about how he and Clive Gammon discovered fishing off the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, the techniques used for catching the likes of bronze whalers and the outstanding catches this area yielded to Phill Williams who conducts the interview. (2011) Details

Fishing Slams with Graeme Pullen and Zyg GregorekGraeme Pullen talks to Phill Williams about one slam :- Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit. Graeme then talks to Zyg Gregorak of Angler's Paradise in Devon about his royal slam; all 9 species of recognised shark, 8 species of tuna and 9 species of marlin. (2010) Details

Fishing the Fylde Coast with Steve BallSteve Ball, a shore match angler, talks to Phill Williams about the marks, species and tactics used when shore fishing the Fylde coast. (2012) Details

Fishing Trips Overseas with Dave Lewisdave lewis, a sea angling journalist in the UK, talks to Phill Williams (the podcast donor) about his experience is establishing overseas destinations for anglers and the subsequent guiding. (2011) Details

Fleetwood Fishing with Charter Skipper Andy BradburyPhill Williams, who donated this podcast, discusses modern charter fishing in Fleetwood with skipper Andy Bradbury aboard Blue Mink. (2010) Details

Fly Fishing Characters with Malcolm GreenhalghMalcolm Greenhalgh talks to Phill Williams about characters he has met along the way including Hugh Falkus, Arthur Oglesby, Reg Righyni, Fred J Taylor, Fred Buller, Ron Greer etc and laments the lack of characters inn the current fishing scene. (2014) Details

Foster's of Ashbourne cane rod finishing c 1981Graham Swanson makes a home recording (poorly preserved so the quality isn't great) of the finishing process at Foster Bros of Ashbourne talking to the workers on the shop floor (c1981) Details

Frank Bee and the History of Fleetwood FishingFrank Bee talks about commercial fishing and Fleetwood in its heyday to Phill Williams. He has just worked with a body to restore the trawler Jacinta as working museum. (2009) Details

Frank Bee Talks About The Jacincta, Now Preserved at FleetwoodFrank Bee, one of the skippers who operated out of Fleetwood shows you around the ship and talks about the style of boat and the catches that they use to make. Details

Frank Shaw Talks About his Change from Commercial to Charter FishingFrank Shaw talks to Graeme Pullen about his life as a commercial fisherman in Newhaven, the quota system and his conversion to a charter fisherman. (2010) Details

Frank Vinnicombe on Mako SharksFrank Vinnicombe talks about his life and commercial fishing.  But he is best known for his time catching mako sharks. (2011) Details

Fred Crouch interviewed about barbelMartin James interviews Fred Crouch about barbel on the banks of the Kennet. This interview can be used courtesy of BBC Radio Lancashire who own the copyright. (1988) Details

Geoff Franks - Wye GillieGeoff Franks was a former policeman and then a tackle shop owner in Bromsgrove before moving to the Wye and becoming a gillie on the famous Nyth stretch. Here he talks about his life and times and how he has seen the Wye deteriorate over his years there. ( 2013) Details

George Hemsworth on Fresh Bait and Set Lining for CodGeorge Hemsworth was fishing in the jumbo cod era, and always used fresh bait, both for rod fishing and set lines.  Here he talks to Phill Williams about his life and times. (2012) Details

George Wilson of Highfield Coarse FisheryGeorge Wilson talks to Phill Williams about Highfield Coarse Fishery of Hambleton and why it is one of the most successful fisheries in the North West. (2011) Details

Gerry Foote talks about changing trends in anglingGerry Foote, who runs a tackle shop "Gerry's of Morecambe" talks about changing trends in sea fishing seen through the eyes of a man who makes money out of selling to meet the needs of anglers. (2013) Details

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