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    Rod and Line with Ted Tuckerman Rod and Line with Ted TuckermanTed Tuckerman takes you out to sea to demonstrate how to sea fish (1990) Courtesy of David Hall allowing use of his "Clean River" series of videos Details

    Salmon Netting Salmon NettingSalmon drift netting on the River Lune Details

    Salmon: Catch and Release Salmon: Catch and Release

    Paul Young explains the problems salmon are facing in the wild and how we can all play our part in preserving the species by catching and releasing salmon. We are only set this video at 1 token to show our support for the principle. Courtesy of Marlab Videos, crown copyright. 1997


    Salmon: While Stocks Last Salmon: While Stocks LastPaul Young explains the life cycle of the salmon, the threats it faces and what we can do to play our part in trying to preserve the species into the future. 2000  (Courtesy of Marine Scotland, crown copyright.) This is set to just 1p so that you can learn about and support all attempts to help the species Details

    Sandeels SandeelsPhill Williams describes how to gather sandeel, and to keep them in best condition. Details

    Save Our Sharks Save Our SharksPhill Williams explains how the "efforts" of man has dramatically reduced the species of sharks and that they may become severely endangered. Details

    Sea Angling from Herne Bay Sea Angling from Herne BayUndated film from around 1935-ish of tope angling out of Herne Bay courtesy of British Pathe. Shame to see the fish killed but at least they are preserved today. Details

    Sea Angling with Dave and Kay Steuart Sea Angling with Dave and Kay SteuartDave and Kay Steuart discuss their tackle and that used for big game fishing, and watch them catch 150lb+ skate and shark to 200lb

    Richworth have kindly given permission for this film footage to be used by Angling Heritage

    Sea Fishing off Looe in 1972 Sea Fishing off Looe in 1972This is old cine footage taken fishing off Looe in 1972 featuring Phill Williams.  Whilst most fish were taken for the pot, included here is early footage of shark tagging - a little more cumbersome than today. Details

    Sea match Fishing - An Introduction with Liam Dale and Tony Kirrage Sea match Fishing - An Introduction with Liam Dale and Tony KirrageLiam Dale and Tony Kirrage talk you through sea match fishing from interest, to tackle and rigs needed and baits used. Courtesy of David Hall Publishing c 1990 Details

    Session for Carp with Des Taylor Session for Carp with Des TaylorDes shows you how to catch carp and catfish with two carp over 30lb. A "Clean River" production c1995 Details

    Shark Fishing in Looe in 1966 Shark Fishing in Looe in 1966This historical film of shark fishing from Looe in 1966 comes courtesy of British Pathe Details

    Shark Fishing with Kevin Maddocks and Liam Dale Shark Fishing with Kevin Maddocks and Liam DaleKevin Maddocks and Liam Dale take you off the south coast shark fishing for Blue Shark. Courtesy of David Hall Details

    Shore Casting Techniques with Alan Yates Shore Casting Techniques with Alan YatesAlan Yates shows you a sensible step-by-step preparation to learn how to cast from the shore including a few sensible tips. Courtesy of David Hall. Details

    Shore Fishing with Alan Yates Shore Fishing with Alan YatesWell known shore fisherman Alan Yates shows the fundamentals of the sport. Courtesy of David Hall's "Clean River" video. (c1993) Details

    Shrimps Shrimps - The Forgotten BaitGathering shrimp with Phill Williams, which he recommends as an excellent sea fishing bait. He also shows commercial methods and some of the problems encountered. Details

    Simple Surfcasting Part 1 with Phil Hyde Simple Surfcasting Part 1 with Phil HydeThis video was originally meant for David Hall's Clean River Productions featuring Phil Hyde, but never got released.  Phil kindly gave Angling Heritage his permission to use this footage on the website.  Made c 1993 Details

    Phil Hyde On Simple Surf Casting Simple Surfcasting Part 2 with Phil HydeClean River Production No. 96 Simple Surf Casting Vol. II Details

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