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    Wye Salmon Association with Stuart SmithThe Wye Salmon Association was formed to give a boost in the stocks of salmon in the Wye by rearing fish to the smolt stage before releasing them into the river. Stuart Smith talks about this work, and how he sees it as complimentary to the habitat improvement being undertaken by the Wye and Usk Foundation. He also talks about the programme being developed to get people back onto the river and familiar with river life. (2013) Details

    Yates, Chris - Interview with MattPenguin arranged for this interview to be made to aide the launch of Chris’s Book “Out of the Blue”. This was a seismic shift for many readers as Chris is known for his coarse fishing exploits. This interview sets the scene and explains Chris’s love of the sea. (2008) Details

    Yates, Chris - Interview with Wayne ThomasBefore the book signing at River Reads to launch “Out of the Blue”, local reporter and angler Wayne Thomas interviewed Chris at length about his works. This gives a broader insight into one of the most famous anglers and arguably best author of the period. (2008) Details

    Zyg Gregorek Welcomes You to Angler's ParadiseZyg Gregorek founded Angler's Paradise in the 1980's breeding ornamental fisheries, and opened a fishery which has grown over the years and is now one of the recognised holiday fishing destinations in the UK. (2011) Details

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