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Buller, Fred - Fred J Taylor Bench speech

Following his death shortly after receiving his MBE, Angling Projects a charity that Fred J always supported decided to honour his memory, and that of his wifeCarrie by siting an engraved bench next to the lake at their HQ. Fred was proud to support their work of taking troubled teenager and getting them to look after themselves and learn how to fish accompanied by knowledgable anglers including Chris Tarrant etc This recording was of the unveiling undertaken by his long time friend, Fred Buller and Pat Walker. There is also an interesting anecdotes from keith Arthur including his novel twist on how deadbaiting was developed (even though Fred J had written about it 20 years earlier) but sit back and enjoy the tale. Please note before listening that the sound quality is VERY poor as it was directly under a flight path to Heathrow and adjacent to a railway line. It was also very windy and Fred Buller was struggling with a sore throat, so you have to listen hard to hear everything. (2008)
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