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370 lbs Mako from Mevagissey photograph - 13/08/18

Donated by Cameron Bleach

Cameron wrote

"Following a recent trip to Mevagissey, I remembered this picture which my father took, having been a friend of the Lakeman family for many years. Upon returning home I decided to do a google search and came up with your website. Knowing that the character at bottom right is Eddie Lakeman and having always been told that this was a mako shark, I felt it fairly likely that this is the 370lb specimen caught from Eddie’s boat Penare in 1964, which is listed in your records. I don’t know who any of the other people in the picture are, but maybe one of them is the unknown captor.
Please feel free to use this picture as you wish, I was thinking also to see whether the Mevagissey Museum would be interested in it as well."
This has been added in the "Articles" section for all to see.