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The Faculty Fly story - 22/06/16

The Black Horse in Torrington was the town’s main fishing pub and the salmon and sea trout in the river drew anglers from all over the country. One such group was a number of Doctor’s from Frenchay Hospital in Bristol (The Frenchay Faculty) who organised an annual trip.



Pictured here are on 24th September 1955 are:-


Jim Cruwys, Cecil Parker, Cdr Rowe, Gordon Paul, Ron Belsey, Tom Wilton, Taffy Davies and Harry Tresise


As a Christmas gift to Cdr Rowe, owner of the Black horse, the faculty presented him with the Faculty Fly approximately 3” long.




Printed on a label attached to the rear is the tyer’s details of manufacture shown below.





An interesting piece of Torrington and angling history and thanks to Dan (pictured below) of Tarka Outdoor Pursuits of Torrington for donating it.