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Can You Help with Information on the Tope Fishers' Club or "Seran"


Can You Help with Information on the Tope Fishers' Club or "Seran"

Seran was built in 1926 for a Charles Clare Regnart, President of Maple & Co, the furnishers of Tottenham Court Road. It has become clear that Regnart was a keen sea angler, particularly focussed on tope. 

He lived in Margate in the years prior to WWI and was a member of Margate Fishing Club. He donated the Cobb-Regnart Cup in 1914 which was competed for at the annual Tope Festival and won outright in 1930 by Major Clarke (the first to win it on three occasions). During this period he owned a small open motor boat which he presumably fished from in the Thames Estuary. 

In June 1925 a club called the Tope Fishers' Club was formed in London which seemingly had around fifty members, all wealthy businessmen, military or politicians of which Regnart was also a member.

In March 1926 Regnart commissioned Seran which was a 35 ft twin screw motor yacht with large open cockpit and dark room for developing photographic film. Not dissimilar in design to the game fishing boats used by Zane Grey. This was launched in September 1926 and was mentioned a number of times in the yachting press.

In May 1927 C C Regnart is mentioned briefly on a bass fishing trip off Bembridge with a Captain E E Yeats, Hon Secretary of the Tope Fishers' Club.

In May 1928, Regnart is briefly mentioned catching a record haul for the time of year from Seran in the Solent.

In 1929 Regnart bought another boat - Cleone, an auxiliary ketch trawler which he seems to have kept on the south coast and around the Isle of Wight fro many years

In 1934 Regnart had Seran reconstructed. She was lengthened 5 ft with the addition of a canoe stern and the previously open cockpit was covered by a cabin.

From 1938 the Tope Fishers' Club changed focus to Thresher Sharks which were becoming more frequent on the south coast.

In late May 1939 Regnart arrived at Fowey in Cleone. Several weeks later Captain Yeats is recorded landing a 36ft, 4 ton shark there - presumably a basking shark. It seems likely therefore that Regnart was also involved in shark fishing in the late 1930s

I have been trying to find out where Seran was based from the 1930s. In the immediate post war years she was in Tenby and I have been wondering whether she ended up in Ireland, perhaps Ballycotton where Regnart could have used her for shark fishing.