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Rossett and Gresford Flyfishers Club

Rossett and Gresford Flyfishers Club

The foundations of the club were laid in a meeting on April 6th 1906 at a public meeting to consider if there was interest in forming an association. On 20th a constitution and rules were approved for the Rossett and Gresford Angling Association.


On September 19th  the R&GAA gained control of the River Alyn from Gresford Bridge to the mouth or the river on both banks for £3 19/-


In 1907 the river suffered from muddy water from the colliery that has continued to recent times.


In 1981 after fly only became the only way to fish, the club name was changed to the Rossett & Gresford Flyfishers Club.


In Spring 1987, the river was diverted when a dual carriageway was built losing some of the premier stretches of water.


Quests to find other waters resulted in short leases being taken on in 1983 at the junction of the Terrig for five years and in 1990 at Cefnybedd for more than 10 years.


In 2002 the club merged with the Griffin Angling Club becoming the Rossett & Griffin Flyfishers Club with meetings held at the Griffin public house. The club later returned to the original R&G FFC but continued to hold meetings at the Griffin pub.


The club now has control of almost all of the Alyn from Rossett railway bridge Pontycapel bridge.


This very short potted history is taken from Paul Leng’s book “The Alyn Anglers; A Century of Rossett and Gresford Flyfishers” published in 2006. This book is a must for anybody interested in the clubs history or that of the River Alyn

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