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Recollections V with Dave Steuart and Bob Church - 13/11/12




On Monday 19th November, 2012, I met Bob Church for the first time and what a great pleasure that was.  Keith and I had travelled to the Highgate House Hotel, Northampton to record number five in the Recollections’ series and Bob’s partner for that truly special event was none other than the ebullient, Dave Steuart.  Two great men from different walks of life, each of whom has made a significant impact in the world of angling and beyond, and we were there to record some of their memories.  I say ‘some’ because when the day ended, it was obvious that we’d only scratched the surface of their individual stories and we wanted to hear more of their lives.


The specialist barbel angler, Pete Reading conducted the interview and he was more than prepared for the experience.  His quiet, gentle manner was unobtrusive and worked well with both men.


As ever, our sound recordist, the indispensible John McCombie captured their voices to perfection and I’m really looking forward to the time when I can start work on this, the latest in the Recollections’ series.


Since the recording was made, Dave has sent Keith some wonderful photographs for the book and I may well be talking further to Bob, who, amongst other things, co-founded the Northampton Specimen Group, the 50th anniversary of which is this year so some fascinating history there.


A great day, with lovely people – my thanks to everyone involved for their time and patience, including the staff at the Hotel who couldn’t have provided a better service for Angling Heritage and its guests.



Sandy Armishaw