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    The History of Redmire with Len Arbery and Ritchie MacDonald The History of Redmire with Len Arbery and Ritchie MacDonaldLen Arbery, co-author of the definitive book on the subject, together with Ritchie MacDonald talk through the history of Redmire Pool aided by a series of classic photographs, detailing the anglers, fish and owners of the water. c1982 Details

    The Jumbo Cod Years The Jumbo Cod YearsPhill Williams presents archive footage from the 70's and 80's of the jumbo cod era in the North West Details

    The Lugworm Sausage The Lugworm SausagePhill Williams shows you how to make a lugworm sausage Details

    Tommy Pickering - Angling Heroes Tommy Pickering - Angling HeroesDavid Hall interviews one of the all time great match anglers, Tommy Pickering. This is shown courtesy of David Hall and was made c 2013 Details

    Tope Attack Tope AttackThis short clip shows a tope following in a lesser spotted dogfish being caught. Details

    Tope Fishing on the Float Tope Fishing on the FloatIan Burrett of Onyermarks shows Phill Williams another technique to catch tope in Luce Bay which may just produce a bonus fish. Details

    Tope Fishing with Rubby Dubby and Livebaits Tope Fishing with Rubby Dubby and LivebaitsPhill Williams gives you some guidance on using rubby dubby and livebait to improve your prospects for tope fishing. Details

    Traditional Char Fishing on Coniston Water Traditional Char Fishing on Coniston Water

    A demonstration of traditional Char fishing on Coniston by Bill Gibson and Jeff Carroll.



    Tribute to Oliver Kite Tribute to Oliver KiteOliver Kite, fisherman and TV presenter sadly died young. This programme, a compilation of some of his film work, is a tribute to his life. Details

    Trout Fishing in Red Tarn (at altitude) Trout Fishing in Red Tarn (at altitude)Phill Williams fly fishes in on of the highest waters in the UK, Red Tarn above Ullswater. Details

    Vintage Allcock Promotion Film Vintage Allcock Promotion FilmThis promotion film made by Allcock's of Redditch c1945 shows you how the tackle was made from rod, reels, flies, even down to Nevison baits Details

    Winter Cod Baits Winter Cod BaitsSeveral winter cod baits are shown being set up on a days fishing. Details

    Winter Cod Fishing Winter Cod FishingTony Parry shows Phill Williams cod fishing in the Mersey where fishing benefits from not being exposed to the worst of the winter weather. Details

    Wreck Fishing off Plymouth in 1972 Wreck Fishing off Plymouth in 1972This film was shot off Plymouth in 1972 (without sound - a music track has been added to improve the viewing). It shows how big the fish were in that time, but also how much anglers had to learn about conservation too. Details

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