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    Richard Walker letter to Charles Kirkham 1965 - Barbel at Stony StratfordRichard Walker encourages Barbel fishing at Stony Stratford Details

    Richard Walker letter to Donald Stone 1953 - Photographic techniqueRichard Walker writes about photographic equipment and technique for carp fishing in 1953 Details

    Richard Walker letter to Donald Stone 1953 - PhotographyRichard walker writes to Donald stone about the need for good photographic equipment. Details

    Richard Walker letter to K V Wilson 30th November 1966 - Flies imitating fishRichard Walker writes about flies that don't imitate fish well enough for slow retrieve Details

    Richard Walker letter to T V Wilson 13th December 1966 - Polystickle fliesRichard Walker sends a few flies to T V Wilson and also a sketch on making Polystickle flies Details

    Richard Walker letter to the Carp Anglers' Association 10th December 1979 - Interview questionsWalker responds to a series of questions to form the basis of an interview Details

    Richard Walker's hand made reelThese are pictures of the reel Richard Walker made and gave to Jack Thorndike Details

    Robert Pashley on modern nylon lineWe take it for granted now but it is interesting to read about Robert Pashley's 'The Wye Wizard' experience in the 1940's Details

    Robert Pashley's notes on the salmon kypeThis transcript of a note by Pashley 'The Wye Wizard' discusses what happens to the kype on the male salmon in reply to articles published in 1946. (For current thinking, read 'Seasonal changes in the lower jaw skeleton in male atlantic salmon: remodelling and regression of the kype after spawning' by P Eckhard Witten and Brian K Hall Details

    Robert Pashley's Wye salmon catch returnsRobert Pashley, 'The Wye Wizard' caught an unimaginable quantity of salmon in the 1940's, read this and be amazed. Details

    Thames Water Authority - fishery byelawsThese are the famous Thames byelaws including the go'er sizes for fish that counted in matches. Undated, it was probably produced in the mid 1970's Details

    Waiting for salmon by Robert PashleyThis note is the basis of correspondence between Robert Pashley (the Wye Wizard) and R B Marston about Mr La Branche's visit to the UK and his choice of tackle. Details

    White Sea Bream record certificateThis certificate is for the record White Sea Bream of 1 lb 7 ox 4 dr caught by Simon Gavey off Jersey Details

    Wye Board of Conservators Netting Problem - 1937Even in 1937 there were concerns about the number of salmon in the River Wye Details

    Wye Fisheries Provisional Order 1908This Parliamentary Bill sets out the Definition of the Fishery District and the Constitution of the Board of Conservators. (slow download as there are 16 pages) Details

    Wye Fishery Assessments based on the average salmon catches 1954-1962Fascinating information beat by beat down the River Wye of the assessments (in pounds, shillings and pence) of the fisheries and shows the best fishery and the optimum season for each beat. Details

    Yates - Golden Scale Club letter about RedmireChris Yates describes the atmosphere of Redmire and its location on a Golden Scale Club letter heading. Details

    Yates/Hutchinson postcard telling of the record carp 'The Bishop'This famous postcard sent by Chris Yates to Rod Huchinson, telling him of the capture of a new record carp from Redmire Pool, known as 'The Bishop'. Details

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